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Changing Minds Changing Lives – YO!) Baltimore
Changing Minds Changing Lives YO! Baltimore is sponsored by the Mayor, the Baltimore City Council, and multiple workforce partners. YO! Baltimore

Youth Opportunity: The Lessons, Legacy, And Impact On …
Through YO, Baltimore developed a “funds following students” credit The YO program partnered with Baltimore City Public Schools to re-engage high school dropouts and re-enroll them in community-based diploma programs run by contract providers.

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Youth who meet age and educational criteria may pursue a GED program as an alternative method for obtaining a high school diploma. The Way Home works with several GED programs in the Baltimore area including Chesapeake Youth Development,

Training For Staff Of An Employment Training Program To …
BRIEF Training for Staff of an Employment Training Program to Promote Mental Health Discussions and Referrals With Out-of-School Youth, Baltimore, Maryland, 2007

We’re Looking For Bridge To Career Success.
Age for a new program called Bridge to Career Success. What may I expect if I join? Caring adults from YO! Baltimore will help you set attainable, GED classes and support for college. You’ll gain career preparation and work experience.

Pr Urban Youth Corps Cleans Lot For Earth Day FINAL
Baltimore, Maryland (April 15, 2011) – In Baltimore City, a program called Urban Youth Corps is part of a statewide and national push to prepare workers for green-collar transportation careers. What makes Urban Youth Corps unique is the fact that it’s tailored to a very specific

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Baltimore City Youth Workforce Profile: A Look at Employment, Education, and Targeted Local Programs Total City Population:1 637,455 Population Age 16-19: 42,143 diploma or GED, or enroll in a Diploma Plus program. Contact: 410-396-7454. Civic Works

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Yo Baltimore GED Program – Visit us for all the details on GED programs and class times at a location near you. Improve your future – start today!

• At!least!30!participants!will!obtaintheir!General!Equivalency!Degree!(GED)!by!the!endof!the! funding!period.!! Aclient!securing!employment!while!participating!inYO!!Baltimore!program.!To!be!counted!as!a

Youth Opportunity (YO!) Baltimore
Baltimore has successfully helped young people, previously disconnected from traditional learning environments, to increase their wage earnings and education credentials. YO! Baltimore provides a supportive environment at two locations,

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“Putting Youth to Work” Series Brief No. 1 YO Academy serves youth in 9th through 12th grade and is a high school diploma program staffed by the Baltimore

YO! Education Impact – Youth Opportunity (YO!) Baltimore
1 YO! Education Impact Executive Summary The Baltimore YO! program has stressed the importance for youth to have the opportunity to gain educational credentials.

What Youth Opportunity Grantees Were Called Upon To Do
In May 2000, the United States Department of Labor awarded sizable Youth Opportunity (YO) Grants to 36 high-poverty urban, rural, By the end of the fifth year, more than 90,000 mostly minority youth were enrolled in the Youth Opportunity program in the 36 communities.

The East Baltimore Bulletin – Historic East Baltimore
Program (YO! Baltimore) members. This ceremony acknowledged the gallant efforts and determination of YO! members to achieve academic goals. Victor Hamilton, the keynote speaker for the ceremony and a 2007 graduate, delivered words of

The Connection Community Consultant Group 2011-2012 Projects
The Connection Community Consultant Group 2011‐2012 Projects Blue Water Baltimore (literature review) Description: Blue Water Baltimore’s (http://www.bluewaterbaltimore.org/) mission is to use

City Celebrates 13 Years Of The Youth Opportunity Baltimore
Opportunity (YO!) Baltimore program, its partners and members, and its impact on the city. YO! Baltimore was founded in 2000 to address the many needs of youth and young adults disconnected from traditional learning environments.

YO! Success Stories – Youth Opportunity (YO!) Baltimore
YO! Center Services. YO! Baltimore’s strategy is youth-friendly. Its youth development approach meets young people where they are. Working with caring adults, participants develop an Individual Opportunity Plan (IOP) or pathway to success.