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Students enrolled in GED prep will prepare for the GED exams. This class will look : study through correspondence or tutorial courses prior to attending. This course will be taught in a unique virtual interactive format that will add to

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Over the course of the next 11 months. Eddie’s support . Preparation Centre (Work Prep), a United Way funded partner, from another agency. GED preparation, driver training, life skills, job skills and work placements.

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Of course, another question that should be asked is: My HS was college prep too (they advertised that). Why not get a GED and actually get paid in a job rather than waste your time with what passes as secondary education in the U.S.?

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Residents learn how to read or study for a GED. 10. Share your hobbies – Whatever your hobbies may be – cooking, playing board games, gardening, pho- siast and extend your enthusiasm to others. You can motivate others with your own sense of devotion by