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Using the tools at GEDmatch: a free third party site for DNA comparisons Presentation by Kitty Cooper
The following is an analysis of Beck, Walker, Houston, and Rutherford relationships taken from uploaded ged files showing a common ancestry of each of those family lines.

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GEDmatch Utilities Guide on the Downloads tab • Cruwys News (Debbie Kennett): Covers topics of interest such as DNA testing and personal genomics, as well as Debbie's Cruwys/Cruse one-name study. This is one of the few blogs covering genetic genealogy topics

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GEDmatch – Download raw data from FTDNA, 23&me or AncestryDNA – upload at (also upload GEDcom) – get more matches/segments/emails, add to spreadsheet . 240-475-7664 19 DNA for FF Match Download

Tested using Larry’s raw data from 23andMe, and using the calculators at Here the “pattern” shows no European population is paired with British (or other English groups), all secondary pairings are a Native American reference group, at levels

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A screen shot of your Native American % from either Gedmatch or 23andme (Please make sure your Kit Number clearly visible____ Your direct Sizemore ancestor genealogical tree (you must have a direct line)_____ Your Full Membership Application_____

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The ad-mix utilities at GEDmatch painted a picture that seemed more accurate than AncestryDNA in my case (for the most part). Interesting. Well, I'm looking forward to trying some comparisons.

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Results of DNA Testing Confirmed our family’s connection to some of the original white founders of

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Intermediate DNA for Genealogists – HANDOUT. 1. Brief Overview I. If two people have matching DNA, they have a common ancestor! If two people don’t have matching DNA , they don’t have a common ancestor!

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GedMatch For more information, Call 972-423-2164 or email Seating limited and Pre-registration required. Members: $30.00, Non-Members: $35.00 per attendee. Local restaurants map provided.

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(GEDMatch, DNAGedcom, and DNA Adoption, Genomemate) For the Professional Genealogist: How to Complete a Project on Time and on Budget- Kathryn Moore Running over budget and over time is a frequent problem among professional genealogists.

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GEDMATCH Database – atDNA Attempts to merge two major companies massive atDNA databases Gives a combined view database of both FTDNA and 23andme submissions does not allow access to raw data – do not order their product

Additional DNA Analysis Tools •Many very good tools –Matching –Anthropology •Limited by processing power of web server –Recently have temporarily solved problem

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Nicholas’ dates from: John Olsen and Curtis Rogers, GEDmatch, Inc., (; M. Bowman’s GEDcom, No. 9298509: I7745; accessed Jan. 29, 2014. 2 Lawton, The Seamans Family in America as Descended from Thomas Seamans of Swansea,

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Use GedMatch, "ee tool, for analysis

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Title: gedmatch matrix for adamthwaite group oct 2012.xlsx Author: Sue Created Date: 3/1/2013 4:19:15 PM

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INTRODUCTION Gedmatch (found at is a third party website that permits people who have tested at any of the three major DNA testing companies (Ancestry, 23andme and Family Tree

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People trying to use FTDNA passwords, Gedmatch login information, etc. to try to login to DNAGedcom are largest support issue we have. 3. If you have a problem, reread these directions to make sure you are using the software correctly.