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The lack of a high school diploma, or its equivalent, precludes a college education and is a substantial barrier to compete successfully in the workforce.

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If you can't hack it in high school, what makes you think you can succeed at a university? True, once you graduate college, no one ever has to know that you got a GED or took classes at a community college, but transferring from a community college severely reduces your university

Without a diploma or GED, many graduates find it difficult to gain employment, obtain career training or continue their education. “Awarding the alternative high school diploma along with the delivery of strong

Do not complete this form to obtain a copy of a regular high school diploma/transcript. For duplicates or regular high school diplomas,contact the Tennessee Department of Education, or click on the following link: Tennessee Public High Schools only

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General Educational Development (GED) 0800-098-MDCD-AdEd employers consider the GED certificate equivalent to the traditional high school diploma. In Michigan, 54 percent of GED test-takers plan to enroll in a college, university, or trade,

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Traditional high school diploma and one with a GED credential. 4. GED credential recipients and traditional high school graduates have comparable weekly school diploma. 2. GED credential recipients are more involved in family literacy activities than adults with

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1 Introduction The Census Bureau has historically grouped high school diploma holders along with those who hold “high school equivalent” credentials.

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What is the difference between getting a High School Diploma online and going to high school. Stanley High School. Stanley High School For more information on GED and High School Diploma, visit our website . Author: Dell Created Date: 08/15/2006 17:00:00

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Or GEDHigh School Equivalency Certificate Nova Scotia High School Graduation Diploma for Adults What is it? The GED is an international high school equivalency testing program for

REQUEST FOR DUPLICATE HIGH SCHOOL EQUIVALENCY DIPLOMA/ COPY OF GED ® TEST SCORES To obtain a copy of your GED test scores, or a duplicate high school equivalency diploma, please complete the form below and

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GED® Changes and High School Equivalency: What’s Happening in New York? The test of General Educational Development (GED®) advancement, attaining a high school equivalency diploma has immediate and significant impact.

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A high school diploma. II. The GED, Incarceration, and Past Research To obtain a GED individuals have to pass exams that cover math, science, social offenders who enter prison lacking a high school diploma, obtaining a GED seems to be

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2010 Diplomas Count report, for example, displays in detail how the meaning of a high school diploma varies across states. Nonetheless, New Standards (CCSS) and the GED Test The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Initiative

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What will keep seniors (those that have earned their credits) who pass the ged test from immediately dropping out of high school and going on to higher education/job training?

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*NYS has a new, subsidized test leading to a NYS High School Equivalency Diploma for January 2, 2014! TASC replaces 2002 GED® as the only free, state subsidized

Irvine Unified School District GED/CHPSE COMPARISON NFORMATION GED General Equivalency Document CHSPE California High School Proficiency Exam Age requirement: 17 years, 10 months Creekside High School Diploma of 215 credits. Author: pmills

W07 Special Diploma (option one) WGA Standard High School Diploma (GED and Alternate Assessment) W6A Standard High School Diploma (College Prep Option) WGD State of Florida Diploma (GED only) W6B Standard High School Diploma (Career Prep Option)

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How do salary ranges compare for college- vs. non-college-educated people? High School Diploma $23,233 $1,936 Associate Degree $31,684 $2,640 Bachelor's Degree $45,648 $3,804 Master's Degree $56,958 $4,747 Doctorate Degree $87,644 $7,304

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Every year, roughly 750,000 high school dropouts try to improve their educational and employment prospects by taking the General Educational Development test, or GED, long considered to be the equivalent of a high school diploma. The latest research, however, shows that people with

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More speciļ¬c requirements are set by each school district. Two special diploma options are available for students with disabilities. All school districts State of Florida high school diploma by passing the GED Tests. Students may