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You can use the workbooks at your Adult Education Center and take them home for extra study. 4. You can write in the workbooks if you want because they are yours to keep. You will still take your Official GED Practice Test at the center to determine when you are ready to take the GED. Title

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GED FAQs: Can I Take the GED From Home? If you didn't finish high school, passing the General Educational Development (GED) test can allow you to obtain a credential that's equivalent to a high school diploma.

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Where can I take my Official GED Exam? transcript with your test results is mailed to your home. Your In special cases an individual may take the GED test at the age of seventeen (17)** under the following circumstances:

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Will pay for your GED® Test (you will need a credit or debit card), You can take each subject on different days, or even at different test centers. Please leave anything larger at home.

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Taking the GED Test The GED (General Educational Development) Test offers adults who have left school an opportunity to earn a high school credential.

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Lockers are 12” x 13” x 18”; leave anything larger at home. • You will have the opportunity to watch a “how to maneuver and answer questions” In Michigan, you can NOT take the GED® test in French. Am I allowed to combine different language versions of the test together?

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Test Materials All materials needed for testing will be provided. Personal items need to be left at home or placed in our locked small storage binds before testing.

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The GED ® test is not online. In an era where everything’s on the Internet, Have you been a victim of GED ® test or credential fraud? We’re trying to protect our testing program and people like you who need the credential to attend college or get a job.

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Corner of the MyGED™ home page, 1. Enter the email address and password you used when you signed up 2. that you can now schedule your GED® test . MyGED™ “How To” Guide

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General Educational Development (GED) Test Fact Sheet LaPorte High School and the State of Indiana will be offering G.E.D. testing for those adults who qualify to take the GED on TV is a learn at home project. PBS broadcasts test preparation lessons.

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Register from the comfort of home, any day, at any time. [STATE/TESTING CENTER] Register today and find out where you can take the GED® test on computer in [STATE]. Remember: The GED® test must be taken in person, at an official GED® testing center.

APPLICATION FOR GED TESTING B9 *You are at least 17 and have been home schooled. to take the GED test and to have his/her (circle one) test results given to the GED preparation program and/or test center listed on this application.

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You May Also Like. How to Take the GED Test Online. For people who were unable to obtain a traditional high school diploma, the General Education Development (GED) test may be extremely beneficial

can give you a GED practice test and help you prepare for the actual examination. If you cannot attend classes, If you are enrolled in a home school association, you must also have the Verification of School Withdrawal

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A transcript with your test results is mailed to your home. Do I need to attend class to the Distance Learning GED Program? You need to meet regularly with an instructor to go over provides information about the GED test, the ABE lab, and how the Lab can help students pass the

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Can I take the GED® test if I am 16 or 17 years old? You If you are home schooled and want to take the GED® tests, you must be registered with an Educational Service