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This form is for GED candidates only. For regular high school duplicates, contact the Louisiana Department of Education, Duplicate Transcripts/Reissued Diplomas at 225.342.2150. REQUEST FOR COPY OF GED® TEST SCORES/ Author: Debi Faucette

How Long Does It Take To Get My GED scores?
I took my GED test back in July of this year, I had passed everything but the math portion by 10 points. I received my scores a week to the day later.

2014 GED Program Is Here! – Portland Community College
Study,!schedule,!check!scores,!and!learn!aboutjobs!and!college.!!! On!the!2014!GED You!can!pay!as!you!go!with!the!GED®!test.!This!means!you!can!pay!for!each!subjectindividually!or!

History Of Wisconsin GED Test Score Standards
History of Wisconsin GED Test Score Standards Background: The Department of Public Instruction has been the state administrative entity for the national GED Testing Service since 1968.

REQUEST FOR COPY OF GED 2 3 – Louisiana Community And …
REQUEST FOR COPY OF GED ® TEST SCORES/ DUPLICATE HIGH SCHOOL EQUIVALENCY DIPLOMA This form is for GED students only. To obtain a copy of your GED test scores, or a duplicate high school equivalency diploma, please

How To Obtain A Copy Of My GED Test Scores | The Classroom …
In some cases, your potential employer or the school you want to attend might require a copy of your General Education Development (GED) test scores.

About GED® Test Scoring – New Readers Press
Page 1 of 3 About GED® Test Scoring Scoring of the new GED® test works very differently from that of the 2002 series GED® test. According to the information available from the test-maker, the following is known about

2014 GED Test Information What Is The GED TEST?
2014 GED Test Information . What is the GED TEST? MYGED—your online portal to sign up, study, schedule, check scores, and learn about jobs and college. MyGED is your start-to-finish tool for the 2014 GED program. Flexible, convenient and the support you need before and after the GED

Official North Carolina GED Transcript Request
Official North Carolina GED ® Transcript Request Please read the following information before completing and submitting this request form. The GED

Workforce Development Agency, State Of Michigan Division Of …
Email: GED TRANSCRIPT REQUEST Examinee request. An official copy of the GED test scores are to be reported to the address listed above. I

GED SAMPLE SCORE – College Of The Redwoods
General Educational Development Testing Service of the American Council on Education Battery Average Below 410 Above 800 TEST DATE TEST FORM **STANDARD SCORE PERCENTILE The sample Official Transcript of GED Tests Resultsbelow reports sample scores for a GED test-taker.

Grandfathering GED(R) test scores: A Candidate May Use Up To …
Title: Grandfathering GED(R) test scores: A candidate may use up to 4 passing GED(R) sub-tests (score of 410 or above) taken between 2002-2013 to count towards earning a New York State High School Equivalency Diploma

GED Overview – Columbus Technical College
GED Overview GED test scores compare the test-takers performance in the five content areas with the performance of recent high school graduates.

NEW GED TEST FOR 2014 – Daytona State College
The GED is a test that measures the major outcomes and concepts generally associated with four years of high school education. Upon successful completion

Request For Official Copy Of Florida GED Testing Transcript …
Request for Official Copy of Florida GED Testing Transcript and/or Diploma PLEASE READ THIS SECTION CAREFULLY BEFORE COMPLETING YOUR REQUEST FORM

The General Educational Development (GED) Credential: History …
GED test scores predict college grade point average (Rose, 1999). The unique feature of this study was the availability of both ACT (American College Test) and GED test scores for the sample of GED holders.

GED Fact Sheet: Michigan Department Of Education
General Educational Development (GED) The Michigan Department of Labor & Economic Growth Office of Adult Education is charged with administering the General Educational Development When an adult passes the 7.5 hour GED Test battery,

GED TRANSCRIPT REQUEST FORM PRINT NAME: _____ SIGNATURE: _____ NAME AT TIME OF TESTING: _____ PHONE NUMBER “OFFICIAL GED TEST RESULTS” or your scores if you received it between 1996 and today,

You Can Now Get Your test scores Online With GEDWizard
You can now get your test scores online with GEDWizard! 5* to 14 days after testing: 1. Go to: 2. Do you know your GEDWizard Account’s email and password?

Verification Request For GED Test Scores: 1942 2001
Verification Request for GED® Test Scores: 1942 – 2001 Please read the following information before completing and submitting this verification request form.

Information includes, but is not limited to, candidate demographic details, test scores, accommodation requests, and GED Option testing authorizations. This information is also owned by the GED Testing Service, as it is reflected in the GED Testing Service