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NYSED –02/22/2010 1 NYSED Responses to OPT Essay Scoring–Q and A February 2010 Q 1. The GED® Official Essay Scoring Guide (chart format) lists ability to understand the writer’s

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596 Math Smart Each part of the GED math test counts the same amount toward your final score, and each part will have 25 questions. You’ll have 45 minutes for each part.

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Http:// This video includes a brief discussion on how the GED Writing Test is scored, and examples are given. The writing multiple test score is combined with the essay test score to determine the overall score for the GED writing test – watch this video to

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A score of 82% or higher means you are ready to move on. Record all test scores on chart below so you can track your progress. Simulated GED Test Simulated Test, Part I 350-358

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On the Score Conversion Table, locate the raw score for the reading section of the test. c. On the Score Conversion Table, in the column to the right of the raw score, find the corresponding scale score and write it in the place indicated on the scoring sheet. d.

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The Normalization Export sends student test data to McGraw-Hill/Contemporary. McGraw-Hill/Contemporary will use these test results to adjust GED score conversion charts and to guide development of future test-preparation products. Important!

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Individuals who complete the General Education Development (GED) test do so for a variety of reasons. The information that follows presents and discusses in narrative and chart form, GED Test score data collected for the study included GED Reading Test scores, GED Mathematics Test

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While the OPT passing score total for referral to the GED® test is 2250 with a minimum subtest score of 410, NYSED recommends an OPT to be obtained in advance of the test. (See information on page 8 and chart on page 9).

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If any test score is not green, it is lower than 75%, and you could benefit from more study. a. If you The small notes below each chart refer you to sections of the GED Skill Workbooks that provide strategies for answering GED questions. GED

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Checklist for Taking the GED Test Name_____ ____*Registration in Adult Basic Education (ABE) class ____ ___You have successfully completed the official GED practice tests. (See chart below) ____ GED Pretests Date Form (circle one) Score (min. 3/500; 2/450)

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1 Making Sense of the Vertical Scales: An Alternative View of the Connecticut Mastery Test Results There is still another ground for hope.

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GED® Scoreboost™ How to Use the Books With Your Class* About the Series Assessment and Instruction Overview Strategy Lessons Cumulative Reviews and Self-Evaluations

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Most GED® Test items will be multiple-choice with four possible answers. In addition, test takers will need to use the mouse to drag-and-drop items, fill-in-the-blanks, and

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Understanding the GED GED Workshop Dallas Public Library Literacy Programs Spring 2012 Based on 2002 GED Series * * Part I There are 50 multiple-choice questions on the Language Arts, Writing Test, Part I.

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You cannot pass the GED Writing Test if you get a score lower than a “2” on the essay. The (GED Essay Scoring Chart reprinted with permission of GEDTS) 4 . Video 2 Focus: on the test itself including format, w hat’s expected