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F. R. EE. GE. D Program. with a focus on Health Careers . The GED Bridge to Health Careers Program. will help you enter or advance in the health care field while studying

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What is a Certificate Program? A certificate program is to learn and develop particular skills for a future job and/or to further education. Certificate

NYC Councilman Daniel Dromm Speaks At LaGuardia Community
NYC Councilman Daniel Dromm Speaks at LaGuardia Community College GED 10 are enrolled in a degree program at LaGuardia and 18 have LaGuardia Community College located in Long Island City, Queens,

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LaGuardia Community College's students, ACE's award-winning ESL instructors, GED-to-college bridge Since 2007, the college's innovative ePortfolio program — cited for excellence by the Carnegie Foundation and the Association of

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Current GED Bridge Programs at LaGuardia Bridge to Careers & College Pathways o Serving 200 students since the 2007 pilot o 130 students in the Health Careers program

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LaGuardia Community College Four LaGuardia Community College Students Receive Prestigious Kaplan Educational Foundation Scholarships of 19 he enrolled in a GED program where he went on to receive his high school equivalency diploma, and one year later,

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The Veteran Services Office offers veterans free evening GED and college prep courses; computer classes; LaGuardia Community College another year in order to earn an the third high school program on the LaGuardia campus. Located

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GED Bridge to College and Careers LaGuardia’s Common Reading; visiting college classes during “College Student for A Day;” and attending financial aid and college knowledge workshops. Transition Advisement and Support As a GED Bridge Program graduate, you have access to continuous

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Division of Adult & Continuing Education @ LaGuardia Community College 2 Complete your G.E.D. before it’s too late! • As of January 1, LaGuardia’s Taxi program, and has been with the program ev rsinc.J fo th a90% xd mig ran t s, d yh eT xpo “v

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Combination GED College Credit Programs ASA BMCC/ 24 CREDIT PROGRAM MONROE LAGUARDIA COMM. COLLEGE/ Adult Learning Center GED Testing Center 19yrs and older U.S. Citizen, Resident 21yrs and older U.S. Citizen, Resident 21yrs and older

CUNY Catch Program Review Report Final20090501
Three CUNY Catch sites at LaGuardia Community College (LCC), Bronx Community College (BCC), and Medgar Evers Community College (ME); a review of program documents and monthly . 2 for a participant to enter the program with a GED and go directly into college.

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LaGuardia Community College Adult & Continuing of work in order to help improve students’ academic skills as well develop plans for careers and college. Students in the GED Bridge program are 19 years GED students visit college classes during a designated “College Student for a Day

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LaGuardia Community College/Division of Adult and Continuing Education CUNY Catch Program score is below 6.0, you will be referred to another GED program. 3. You should try to use your time between this interview and your next scheduled

LaGuardia Community College of the City University of New York (CUNY) to launch a small but rigorous study of the GED Bridge to Health and 7 Since 2010, the GED tuition program at LaGuardia has implemented new instructional practices;

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PART OF THE MEDICAL OFFICE CLINICAL TECHNICIAN PROGRAM ; , 2008. 2. English proficiency required. 3. High School diploma or GED . Fees application to reserve your seat. You may pay by cash, check, money order (Please make check or money order payable to . LaGuardia Community College