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A Quick Guide To The New 2014 GED Test – Project Learn Of …
Project Learn of Summit County n 60 S. High Street Akron, Ohio 44326 n 330.434.9461 n n Items will test textual analysis and understanding,

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Summaryofthe!Skillsand!Content!Needed!! to!Prepare!for!the!2014!GED®!Test!!!!! Amy!Vickers!! 2014!GED®!Test!Minnesota!ABE!Teacher!Advisory!Group:!

Changes To The GED ® Exam And Implications For New York
Changes to the GED® Exam and Implications for New York GED® Exam: History and Usage in New York Since 1942, the test of General Educational Development (GED®) has helped millions of adults

Curriculum Blueprint – GED Academy
2014 GED® Test Curriculum Blueprint from GED Academy An Educator’s Guide to Being GED® Test-Ready

The New GED Test – Practice For The New GED Test
Free GED practice tests. The new GED test is computerized. Practice your computer skills because you won't be able to use a pen or pencil on the new GED test.

New York State Education Department GED Prep Program Guide
Rev. 1/4/2012 6 Prep program follow-up to GED® testing • Approximately two (2) weeks after each testing date in which your prep program’s students have tested, fax the GED® Post Test Candidate Verification Form available at

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New York State GED® Testing Office New York County GED® Test Centers and GED® Test Dates *Please Note: The GED® Testing Office in Albany does not schedule testing. Mail your application directly to the local test center of your choice from the lists below.

Adult Education Practice Test & Preparation Classes
Adult Education Practice Test & Preparation Classes. In order to enroll in an adult education class to prepare for the High School Equivalency tests or to review additional resources to prepare for the tests, please visit the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development.

GED Test Registration – New Bedford Public Schools
Steps to Registering for the GED Test (continued): 2. Bring the following required items in order to complete the registration process: a. Current Massachusetts photo identification, in excellent condition.

What To Expect On The GED Tests – Rhode Island
4 Preparing for the GED Test For information on how to prepare for the GED Test, you may contact an adult education resource center in your area and staff members will schedule

Transferring GED Scores To/from New Jersey
I am requesting my Out-of-State GED® Test scores to be sent to New Jersey Department of Education. I understand that I will need to contact the GED State Administrator’s Office in the state where I reside and request my official GED Test record be mailed to the New

GED 2014: Changes And Implications For ABLE Educators
2014 GED vs. 2002 GED Paper and pencil test Five content area tests High-school equivalency test Cost: $40 Career and college readiness $10 for a re-take of each content area 40 for a re-take of each content area Minimum average score of 450 with 800 as a maximum

2002/2014 GED TEsT Comparison – FastForward Videos | Louisiana
4 KET ADULT LEARNIN G-f ALL 201 2 / W INTER 2013 f ALL 201 2 / W INTER 2013 – KET ADULT LEARNING 5 2002/2014 GED® TEsT Comparison This chart compiles highlights of information found in assessment guides, from conferences, and

NEW GED TEST FOR 2014 – Daytona State College
The GED is a test that measures the major outcomes and concepts generally associated with four years of high school education. Upon successful completion

Questions About The 2014 GED Test – Eastern Idaho Technical …
Questions about the 2014 GED Test What is the range of scores? The GED test will have a passing score of 150 for each subject. Therefore, students will need to reach a score of at least

Preparing For 2014: A Preview Of The new GED Assessment
Preparing for 2014: A preview of the new GED® assessment David Deggs, Ph.D., Senior Program Manager, GED Testing Service Wisconsin GED®/HSED & Adult Literacy Conferences

GED State Of New Jersey – Morris County School Of Technology
NJ GED Testing is open to New Jersey residents only. FYI . GED Transcript Request An official GED transcript is a document certifying the highest scores earned on the Test of General Educational Development (GED).

Instructor Guide: Computer Skills For The 2014 GED® Test
3 Overview of Computer Skills for the 2014 GED® Test Overview This Instructor’s Manual is designed to be an easy-to-use “turnkey” curriculum and class

MNI Perspectives: 2014 GED Test – ATLAS ABE
Objectives Discuss highlights of the 2014 GED test Mathematical Reasoning module Explore Minnesota Numeracy Initiative (MNI) connections to the 2014 GED test

For GED Testing In New York City
For OUR CHANCE FOR CHANGE: A Four‐year Reform Initiative GED Testing in New York City By: Jacqueline L. Cook Principal Investigator