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GED® Math Test Review Instructor: Michelle Cyr Course Dates Days & Times GED Orientation Career Exploration Independent Study Ongoing – Day and evening appts available Call 222-1095 for appointment Wilson Reading 1/9 – 5/2

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Pre-GED Test Preparation
Building the foundation you’ll need to solve the types of math problems commonly found on the test and to help you prepare for the basic GED Test Preparation course. Topics include basic arithmetic operations, fractions, decimals, percent and signed

HOUSTON COMMUNITY COLLEGE • SOUTHWEST COURSE SYLLABUS GED Preparation: Mathematics Principles CEC 7529 Students entering any Texas public college or university who do not have a high

GED Math Prep Syllabus 2012-2013 – Weebly
GED Math . GED Math Prep . Syllabus 2012-2013 . Instructor: Kellen C. Holowicki. Email: Class Website: . Course Description: Learning math is essentially like learning a new language. Not only will you be learning a new spoken vocabulary, but a

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Course Title : GED® Science . Course Number : 9900133 . CIP Number 1532.010207 Grade Level 30, 31 Standard Course Length Varies Teacher Certification : Information on the GED® 2014 Assessment and the performance targets and content topics are

Brochure For GED Course
Format of the 2014 GED© test. This course will also provide useful toolkits for Math, English, Language, Science and Social Studies along with other current resources for GED program educators to utilize with students. Discussion and

Curriculum Blueprint – GED Academy
2014 GED® Test Curriculum Blueprint from GED Academy An Educator’s Guide to Being GED® Test-Ready

GED Practice Test Questions – Ace Your GED Test
Get started studying with our free online GED practice test questions. These questions will help you ace your GED test.

Syllabus Adult Basic Education And Literacy & GED Preparation
The WCCCD ABE/GED Class Syllabus is a general outline of class requirements, rules, policies, coursework, and activities for students to follow. Math Subject Outline The course will cover material from lessons 1 – 27 in the COMPLETE GED PREPARATION Book.

Writing Course Syllabus – Madison Area Technical College
GED/HSED Math Course Syllabus. As you complete each topic, record the date then move on to the next one. Learning resources include worksheets, Internet sites, and quizzes. When you are ready, go to the testing center and take the GED/HSED test in math.

GED Class Syllabus 502-863-6855 – Kentucky
GED Class Syllabus . 502-863-6855. Monday, 11 August, 2008 . Introductions& Class Rules . Make Name Tents . Give Out Notebooks and Folders . Math: Book, Number Power #2 ♦ Understanding Fractions, Pg 11-13 ♦ Reducing Fractions, Pg 16-17 .

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COURSE CODE COURSE TITLE INSTRUCTOR DA GED 04-08* HS Equivalency Lewis Mo GEDSP 01-08* HS Equivalency/ Spanish Smith W GED 01-08 HS Equivalency McNellis Mon.

Syllabus ABE Math/GED Last Updated On 8/22/2010
Syllabus ABE Math/GED Last updated on 8/22/2010 Class Rules: 1. Have a GOAL! (What you want to achieve ) 2. Bring your book to class everyday and keep organized.

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Virginia’s General Educational Development Content Standards Virginia Department of Education Office of Adult Education and Literacy For more information, please contact:
Course Outline. GED 2 (Level 6) – Advanced Adult Secondary (Grade level 11.0 – 12.9 CASAS 246 – 255) Course Description: This course is designed to provide a final review of basic math concepts for students preparing to take the GED math tests and/or who wish to review before taking any

GED Prep Courses – Vancouver Community College
GED Prep – Math (MATH 0990) Course content includes whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percentages, graphs, algebra, geometry and solving word problems. College & Career Access Department Broadway Campus

GED MATHEMATICS CURRICULUM WHOLE NUMBERS The student will be able to: 1. Perform basic operations with whole numbers: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

GED Training Workshop- Mathematical Reasoning – FLDOE Home
The purpose of the Mathematical Reasoning course of the GED® program is to prepare students to pass the GED® Mathematical Test. This test will focus on the fundamentals of mathematics

Syllabus – GED Level – Walla Walla Community College
Course Number: GED 025 Phone: 509-526-6424 Course Title: GED Preparation Office Location: WSP – West Complex Instructor: Susan Pearson Office Hours: Syllabus – GED Level Author: sdpearson Last modified by: sdpearson Created Date: 2/23/2009 8:57:00 PM

GED Prep Courses Fee Based Classes Summer 2013 Schedule
GED Prep Courses Fee Based Classes Summer 2013 Schedule GED Math Prep Course Are you getting ready to obtain your GED? Review important math skills needed in