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An Educator’s Guide To The GED 2014 Social Studies Test
GED Honors . 170 – 200 : Passing . 150 – 169 . Below Passing . 100 – 149 . Test Items More than half of the test items are multiple choice with . four. answer choices Other test items will be technology related and include drop down menus, drag and drop, fill in the blank

Application To Honors Program
Year Graduated:_____ GED awarded: _____ High School Rank:_____ Grade Point Average: _____ Test Scores If you do not have Honors Students are those students seeking an honors diploma and plan to take 18 credit hours of Honors courses and

IMPORTANT: 2014 GED Testing Information – Kentucky
IMPORTANT: 2014 GED Honors distinction is given per content area test/module. 170 scale score or above will qualify test-takers for an Honors distinction.

The GED Tests will be taken on computers at approved test centers. At present, “Honors” score if you receive a score of 170 on a test part. Learn more about the honors score. Below Passing: 100 – 149 Passing Score: 150 – 169

The Top Ten Percent Of Washington State’s Eligible …
General Education Diploma (GED) recipients must individually contact OSPI for specific application The Washington State Honors Award nomination application is located on the Education Data System (EDS) and will be completed online.

The department of education will grant the state of Indiana general e ducational developmen t (GED) honors diploma to an applicant whose overall average standard score is six hundred twenty (620) or higher, provided the requirements of section

Phoenix College Honors Program And Presidents’ Scholarship …
Phoenix College Honors Program and Presidents’ Scholarship Application for 2010 High School Graduates (11/09) Home schooled and GED applicants should provide a letter from a person who can speak to your ability to achieve in and complete your studies. 3.

Michigan GED Testing Jurisdictional Requirements
The GED® with Honors score is considered to be an indicator of college and career readiness. Minimum Age: 18 years of age and class of which applicant would have been a member must have graduated. Individuals who are graduates of the Michigan Department of Military and Veterans Affairs,

What Is The 2014 Series GED Test Like? – ADULT EDUCATION
GED® Honors Score: 170-200 Retake Policies If I don’t pass, GED Testing Service develops the GED® test and works with each state to offer the test. The credential is issued based upon rules of each individual state—most states

When Do I Receive My Certificate Of Completion? On Site & On-Line
This GED Graduation ceremony honors those who have successfully met the requirements to earn a GED. You are encouraged to invite your family and friends. Does NIACC offer a scholarship for GED students? Yes. Graduates

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Honors Ged Scholarship College scholarships for working adults as complements to grants for adults going back to school and Honors Ged Scholarship other instruments of financial aid for parents.

Honors Ged Program – World News
CUNY Honors: The GED Laurel Award Scholarship Ceremony 2003, Albany Tech Honors Day Program, Spring 2013, CUNY TV Special: The Peter Jennings GED Laurel Award Scholarship Ceremony 2011, What to Expect on the GED Test – Improving Your Score

HONORS PROGRAM SCHOLARSHIP If you are a new incoming Cincinnati State student you may apply for the Honors Program Scholarship. In an essay

Santa Ana College HONORS TRANSFER PROGRAM Benefits of the Honors Transfer Program: Scholarship Opportunities Priority consideration for admission to many 4-year institutions,

HONORS APPLICATION – Schenectady County Community College
To apply to the Honors Concentration, please apply directly for admission to Schenectady County Community College: • GED. recipients must submit a certificate with sub-test scores 2. A letter of recommendation: • High school.

Volume 13 Number 2 August 2008 National GED Conference honors
Volume 13 Number 2 August 2008 National GED Conference honors Nevadans By Teri Zutter,,775/445-4451 Editor’s note: Teri Zutter received her GE D in 1986.

KENTUCKY ADULT EDUCATION – Henderson Community College
Instruction that leads to strong literacy skills and GED attainment, which are the gateways to postsecondary education and highly skilled employment. KENTUCKY ADULT EDUCATION GED Honors Score: 170-200 Official GED Exam Testing Location:

High School Graduates GED Recipients – Columbus – Ivy Tech …
GED recipients must reside in the counties of Bartholomew, Brown, Decatur, Jackson, Jennings Academic Honors Technical Academic Honors GED _____ _____ Signature from School Administrator Printed Name of Administrator

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Tulsa Community College Honors Program The goal of TCC’s Honors Program is to provide students with an enriched academic environment through more direct involvement in