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Title of Curriculum/ Course (50 characters max, including spaces) 5. Curriculum/ Course ID No. C 6 ( High School Diploma/ GED . OR ( Ability to Benefit Exam Enter Score Exit Score B. Teacher Ratios Teacher Licensure Area :1 :1 :1 :1 :1 :1 :1 :1 :1 :1 :1 :1 :1 :1 :1 :1 :1 :1 :1 :1 :1

Online Course – Adult Education: Teaching Tools
Online Course – Adult Education: Teaching Tools Syllabus This course, named "Part 2 – Teaching Tools," is based on an online unit of study developed by

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ABE/GED SOS Teacher Guide or respectively with YOUR contact information as If the Attendance Component is not on your Course Home Page, add it. Here’s how: ABE/GED SOS Teacher Guide

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The GED Teacher Academy II, sponsored by the South Carolina Department of Education’s Office of Adult Education, is a three-hour recertification course for teachers

Teacher’s Name: Adult ABE, PreGED, and GED Course Standards: Instructional Strategies: Writing Focus: Vocabulary: Reading Focus: Text Books/ Technology Programs: Evaluation: Listening Focus: Author: Moujahid, Hicham

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Spanish Pre-GED and GED Teacher Organization Summary The YWCA of Queens is an influential nonprofit that meets the needs of low-income individuals

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GED Prep Courses Fee Based Classes Summer 2013 Schedule GED Math Prep Course Are you getting ready to obtain your GED? Review important math skills needed in

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Adult Basic Education (GED) . . .8 Basic Skills+ (Pre-College) ServSafe Training Course . . .20-21 Education & Teacher Training The following Teacher Education programs will help you get started on the right

College Transition Course – City Colleges Of Chicago as well as any teacher-provided materials, students should review the math, language arts reading, language arts writing, social studies, and science components of the GED tests.

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GED Preparation Training in Kitchener-Waterloo Last updated: May 2011 follow without the help of a teacher. Conestoga College Waterloo Campus (free) Online course is also available after taking a

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Every GED teacher must first assess the needs of their students, including an understanding of how each student learns best. A large number of GED students are kinesthetic learners, but there are not many hands-on activities for students in the classroom. GED teachers

Adult Secondary Education – Evening Classes pm $15 Community Resources (CR) M/W 3/13 4/29 30 6:15-8:45 pm $15 Occupational Knowledge (OK) M/W 1/28 SUBSTITUTE TEACHER RECERTIFICATION COURSE 3/11 30 6:15-8:45 pm $15 Community Resources General Educational Development (GED) Program

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Sample Syllabus Name of university/college Instructor’s name Title of course, class code Instructor’s phone number Days and hours of course Instructor’s office location and address Dates of course Instructor’s e-mail address Credit hours Prerequisite(s) Welcome and Introduction

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GED Teacher Academy I . The GED Teacher Academy I is designed to train full-time/part-time adult education teachers in delivering a statewide quality curriculum.

DESIGNATED SUBJECTS ADULT EDUCATION TEACHING CREDENTIALS (FULL-TIME/PART-TIME) teacher during the school year. (Subject To Be Named On The Credential) Course Work Required

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This class is designed to prepare the student to take and pass the five parts of the GED test, math, science, Students meet with the teacher one evening per week. Session Course # Date Day Time Rm Fee per. session. Title: GED Prep Class Last modified by:

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GED® Social studies . Course Number : 9900132 . CIP Number 1532.010207 Grade Level 30, 31 Standard Course Length Varies Teacher Certification : Bachelor’s degree or higher . The purpose of the Social studies component of the GED® program is to prepare students to

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GED tests require students to demonstrate their ability to the development of a course of study for each student, based on the areas in which the student needs remediation is critical. Classroom instruction GED Instructor will be required to follow any other instructions and to