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Instructor Guide: Computer Skills For The 2014 GED® Test
3 Overview of Computer Skills for the 2014 GED® Test Overview This Instructor’s Manual is designed to be an easy-to-use “turnkey” curriculum and class

GED Science Focus Sheet: Lesson 1 – PWCSTV
GED Preparation/Science Nina Beegle, Instructor GED Science Focus Sheet: Lesson 1 FOCUS: • Life Science Plant and Animal Biology ISSUES/ACTIVITIES: • Cell Structure • Rain Forest – application of photosynthesis • Life cycle/Food Chain

English classes allowing students time for mastery so they can pursue their adult high school diploma at the AL campus. Starting March 3, classes meet Monday thru Thursday 2:00 to 5:00 pm until June 19. (Students are processed via the ELL Office located at the urke Library.)

GED Lesson Plan
GED Lesson Plan Week/Day: [Week 1, Day 3] Subject: [Science] Topic: [Classification of Species] Introduction (Explanation of topic): greatest-discoveries-classification-of-species.htm Learn Biology: Classification- The Taxonomic Hierarchy

Who Needs To Know? – Illinois Community College Board
GED classes don’t teach what is on the math • they can bring in their own paper and supplies • the want the GED, but don’t know anything about the process • they don’t know the age requirement

A Quick Guide To The New 2014 GED TEST – ProLiteracy
There are four levels of DOK, GED 2014 test will require students to utilize three of the four levels: • DOK LeveL 1 recall or recognize a fact, term, or procedure • DOK LeveL 2 use conceptual knowledge, procedures, or multiple steps

GED Social Studies Worksheet: Lesson 2 – PWCSTV
GED Social Studies Worksheet for Lesson 2, p. 2 are actually based in fact. For example, few Europeans believed Marco’s description of desert travelers getting separated from their caravan and then

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Our Mission – Literacy Partners Inc.
classes while their children participate in Head Start programs. Each teacher-led class, with volunteer tutor assistance, focuses on ESOL, parenting concerns and skills necessary for daily living. Parents and children

The GED Mathematics Test – Sacramento Educational Cable …
2 GED Video Partner Passing the GED Math Test Smoking is one of the leading causes of statistics. Fletcher Knebel Video 37 Focus: how we use statistics and probability in our daily lives and how to solve

The 2014 GED® Test On Computer – SchoolFusion
The 2014 GED® Test Embed computer-skills into all classes INFORMATIONAL text!! CLOSE reading in all areas! Provide opportunities for students to work at all depths of knowledge (DOK) Evaluate readiness of learners (i.e. do some lack just one or two parts?)

Adult Workforce Videos
Grant is to promote the success of students in the GED/ESOL classes and encourage their enrollment in adult full time courses held at the career center. Please check out the links below to meet three students, instructors and support staff.

2014 GED® Test FAQs – GED Testing Service
Discover the official GED® test, practice test, testing centers, and more. It’s never too late to earn your high school diploma with GED Testing Service.

Guide To Administering TABE (Tests Of Adult Basic Education)
English (first language) speakers entering ABE or GED classes English Language Learners with CASAS scores of at least 236+ Not recommended for English Language Learners with CASAS scores below 236 . Page | 5 TABE ASSESSMENT INSTRUMENTS

The ABSPD Connection
GED, AHS, College Bridge, and CPT Prep classes to encourage our Col-lege and Career Readiness students to begin postsecondary studies and understand what college is like. Based on interviews with college instructors, student support service

GED Material – Minneapolis Public Schools
1. Register for GED prep class with Adult Options In Education 2. Regularly attend GED prep class 2a. Supplement class work with SkillsTutor and i-Pathways online learning

Students In Rural Pennsylvania Investigating Distance …
Improving and Expanding Distance Learning Options This project was made possible, in part, for GED ® ed how distance learning Students in Rural Pennsylvania