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G. Gedney Godwin & Co– $8.00-9.00. Ramrod Puller. When you get your rammer stuck down the barrel while cleaning your gun, these things are worth every penny. Trust me; you will get you rammer stuck at least once in your life. Supplier: Jas Townsend & Son–$25.00.

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G. Gedney Godwin ( w.g odincm) James Townsend & Sons (www.jastown.com) The Discriminating General (w .mily g ) Title: Microsoft Word – Revenante Newslette (FINAL))- vol1 no2.doc Author: John Wootton Created Date:

Traditional Acton Minutemen Parade Uniform
In Charlie Husbands’ book History of the Acton Minutemen and Militia Companies, Mr. Husbands describes the decision process in the selection of a uniform for the Acton Minutemen: G. Gedney Godwin or a variety of other on-line sites.

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The Major regrets to inform the membership that G. Gedney Godwin, long a dependable source of items, are no longer a source we can count on for very much. Reports by members to the Major indicate that items

September/October 2008 NWTA Courier
CD is available at G. Gedney Godwin (http://www.gggodwin.com/) and digital downloads at ITunes, ITunes UK, Rhapsody, Napster, CD Baby and at museums and historical sites After Captain Jacob Ashmead’s court marshal, having re-ceived only a reprimand, and not being relieved of command

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Artikel L Histörchen – Antikwaffen Laternen -> Accessoires Gedney Godwin C & D Jarnagin Company Manufactum – Hoof und Partner GmbH Mc Neill´s Sutlery

George Washington Chapter
Mount Misery, G. Gedney Godwin of Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, indicates that the uniforms can be provided in two months. However, the acquisition of the helmets is another matter. His supplier is a retired person who only works three days a week.

Bicentennial Branch Quarterly
Bicentennial Branch Quarterly April – May – June 2011 Branch Charter est. 1984 Volume 4 – Issue 2 United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada Branch Annual General Meeting

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Godwin, G. Gedney Goose Bay Workshops, Inc. Grand Illusions Hatcrafters James Country Mercantile James Townsend & Son John Wright Company Johnston, Lloyd Kayne & Son Custom Forged Hardware La Pelleterie Leather Works Livonia Smithery

Manager: Dusty Godwin AUSTIN, TX (SOUTH) Office: (512) 443-5600 Manager: Rene Garay AUSTIN, TX RDC Office: (512) 339-8750 Manager: Chris Petty * OZ/Gedney/Nelson Stahlin * Unity * Vynckier EMERGENCY LIGHTING Chloride Systems * Day-Brite Dual-Lite Emergi-Light Exide * Lithonia * Sure-Lite FANS

Godwin #3NJ: Swivels, Musket Sling (pair) Note First or Second Model Brown BeEss $12.95 The British soldier was issued a white buff leather sling to help support and carry the musket when on the march.

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Pick and Brush G. Gedney Godwin: gggodwin.com, (610) 783 0670 Bar-link type Whisk & Pick: [#401] Late Revolutionary War through Mexican War. Year 3 Approximate Total Costs – Year 3: $620 Knapsack 3 yards Hemp canvas Hemptraders.com/ (310) 914-9557 H-C16

The MCA Advisory
I surfed the web and found a few mentions from McHistory sites, and one supplier, "G.Gedney Godwin, the Sutler of Mt. Misery," who sells repros. His design, below, was "taken from a description by Bell Moses." I found


Contracts For PA 06 2012 – Coalition For The Common Defense
PA 06 2012 Defense Breakdown Economic Impact Congressional District Report FY 2012 Defense Contracts Baseline Data: Pennsylvania 6th Jim Gerlach (R)

Map Of G. Gedney Godwin – P.O. Box 100, Valley Forge, PA 19481
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G Gedney Godwin British American Officers Bicorn Near Mint …
British / American Officers bicorn hat with bullion trim. Super condition. This hat was bought from G Gedney Godwin for use at the 1981 bicentennial at Yorktown and never used again!